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The North Dakota Curriculum Initiative (NDCI) was a long-term professional development program for North Dakota public and non-public school curriculum administrators and teachers. The NDCI ended on December 2013.

Johnny Appleseed

For grade(s) 2.

Subject & Standards

English Language Arts:

Needs Assessment/Rational

In the 8 years that I have been at St. Bernard Mission School the National Achievement test result scores for our students have been consistently below the norm in Language Arts and Math. Three of my sixteen students are currently being served by Special Education Services. Nine of my sixteen students are receiving tutoring through Title I services in reading and math. Technology skills are needed by our students. Use of the Internet for students in our school has only been available for one year.

Understandings & Goals

Enduring Understanding: I want the students to enjoy good literature and to be able to access information from a variety of sources such as the library, the internet, good speakers, etc.
Goal(s): 1. The students will learn about the life of John Chapman from books, video and internet sources.  2. The students will organize the information about Johnny’s life and present it as a story in picture and written form. 3.The students will be able to retell the story to their peers, to teachers and to their families.

Questions Answered

Essential questions: 1. What do we know about Johnny Appleseed? 2. How can we find information about Johnny’s life? 3. How can we access this information? 4. What can we learn from the way Johnny lived? 5. How can we share what we’ve learned?
Objectives: 1. The students will listen to the book “Johnny Appleseed” by Steven Kellogg. 2. The students will watch the Walt Disney video on the life of Johnny Appleseed and will also watch the Johhny Appleseed video told by Garrison Keillor to learn more about the fact and fiction of Johnny’s life. 3. The students will do a variety of worksheets from Internet sources which use Johnny Appleseed’s life as a theme.  4. The students will decide the part of Johnny’s life they wish to write about and illustrate. 5. They will use these pictures along with the written text to tell the story to students in grades 1,3,and4 at St. Bernard’s School. 6. The teacher will take digital photos of each student with his/her illustration and transfer them along with the text for each photo to the Microsoft Power Point on the computer.7. Families can access this on the St. Bernard website.


What quiz and test items e.g. simple content-focused questions that require a single, best answer) will provide evidence of understanding? 1. The students will be able to give correct oral answers to these questions: a)What was real and what was fiction in the life of John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed)?  b)Why did Johnny spend his life planting apple trees?  c)How does the life of Johnny Appleseed help us to have a greater appreciation of nature? 2. The students will take the Accelerated Reader test on the Steven Kellogg book, “The Story of Johnny Appleseed” to show how well they have understood the story written by Kellogg.
What academic prompts e.g. open-ended questions or problems that require students to think critically and then to prepare a response / product / performance) will provide evidence of understanding?  What picture will you draw of Johnny’s life and how will you tell the class about it? 
What performance tasks and projects e.g. complex challenges that are authentic, mirror the real world and require a performance or product) will you include that will provide evidence of student understanding? 1. The student will present the story of Johnny Appleseed in picture and in written forms highlighting events from his birth to his death. 2. The written text and illustrations will provide evidence of student understanding.
What other evidence e.g. observations, work samples, dialogues, student self-assessment) of understanding will you collect?  1. The students will be able to share their pictures and texts through a presentation of the story to other grades in St. Bernard Mission School.  2. The students will do worksheet taken from Internet websites to enhance their understanding of the importance of Johnny Appleseed in our country.

Instructional Strategies

The students will need to sort through a variety of fact and fiction information presented through books, video presentations and the internet to decide what is important to remember and highlight for the class presentation. They will then choose what to illustrate about the life of Johnny Appleseed and will write the text to accompany their illustrations.

Lesson Created By

This lesson was created by Justin Wageman. Learn more about Justin Wageman on their profile page.