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The North Dakota Curriculum Initiative (NDCI) was a long-term professional development program for North Dakota public and non-public school curriculum administrators and teachers. The NDCI ended on December 2013.

French-speaking Countries

For grade(s) 9-12.

Subject & Standards

Foreign Language:

Needs Assessment/Rational

Our foreign language standards state that students need to communicate in the French language and be able to present to an audience in the language. They indicate that students need to gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures. Students will be comparing our culture with the French-speaking country’s way of life. They will become life-long learners by gaining the knowledge and using the language for enrichment. Results from the National French Contest show me that my students are not performing well on those cultural standards. In this project students will use PowerPoint as a tool to learn about the French-speaking countries and present that knowledge to their audience.

Understandings & Goals

Enduring Understanding: I want students to know about and be able to appreciate the wonderful culture of the French-speaking world. The special qualities of the country will entice the student and their acquantainces to visit the country in their adult life and connect with the people. They will be discussing both in French and in English when they present and share their knowledge to the class. Goal(s): Students will research the countries of the French-speaking world and be able to recognize the differences and similarities of our cultures. Students recognize how PowerPoint can be a life-long tool to inform and share knowledge.

Questions Answered

Essential questions: How does the geography of the French-speaking country you have chosen affect the industries that have evolved there? How does the country differ from N.D.? Consider the weather, food, customs, famous people, and places of interest. How do the daily living patterns in the French-speaking country differ from N.D.? Objectives: Students will be able to identify how the geography of the chosen French-speaking country has affected the industries that evolved there. List 4-5 elements of geography . They will be discussing in French and in English. Students will be able to share knowledge about the culture of the French-speaking country in French and in English. They will need to include 3-4 interesting items to get an A. Students will be able to explain about daily life in the chosen area in French and in English. List 2-3 elements of daily life. Students will be able to share knowledge in French and in English about how the French-speaking country differs from N.D. They will include its people and places of interest. Students will be able to share knowledge about the traditional foods and customs of the French-speaking country in French and in English. They should list 3-4 foods and 2-3 customs to get an A . Students will demonstrate how PowerPoint can be a powerful tool to organize knowledge about a subject you want to share with an audience. A rubric will be used to grade the projects.


What quiz and test items (e.g. simple content-focused questions that require a single, best answer) will provide evidence of understanding? Summarize in a paragragh what you have learned through your research of the French-speaking country. Students will help develop a rubric to assess their projects and presentations. What academic prompts (e.g. open-ended questions or problems that require students to think critically and then to prepare a response / product / performance) will provide evidence of understanding? How does the French-speaking country differ from N.D.? Students will prepare a PowerPoint presentation to show their audience what they know about the country. Students develop rubrics to be used. What performance tasks and projects (e.g. complex challenges that are authentic, mirror the real world and require a performance or product) will you include that will provide evidence of student understanding? Students will create a travel brochure and a PowerPoint presentation for their classmates about the French-speaking country enticing them to visit the area. Travel brochures will be on display in the JHS Commons area during Parent-Teachers Conferences enticing students and parents to visit the country. What other evidence (e.g. observations, work samples, dialogues, student self-assessment) of understanding will you collect? Students will prepare a PowerPoint about the country in French and in English. They will include the geography, weather, famous people, interesting places to visit, customs and food of the French-speaking country. This will help the students be well-informed about the country and be able to share their knowledge with their audience.

Instructional Strategies

Students use inquiry-based and project-based learning to gather information about the French-speaking country. They will work cooperatively doing research. They prepare travel brochures about the country in French and in English to entice their audience to visit it. Groups of students present PowerPoints on the chosen country. Their projects will be used to share their knowledge with the class. Our outside audience will be JHS students and their parents who will view the travel brochures during Parent-Teacher Conferences.

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